"At the border island of Samos, at the outermost European frontier, cross the central
axes that compose what we know as the European, western culture, whose roots are
planted in ancient Hellas: the philosophy of Pythagoras, the science of Aristarchus,
the technology of Eupalinos .

Samos is the island of Harmony, which Pythagoras considered as the fountain of
everything. Harmony, is indeed the basis of a freeand productive life, both public and
private and the sign of an integral person and of and of an integral society.

The Pythagorean Theorem of Culture inspired us:  People2 + Creativity2 = Culture2.

Our slogan: «Knowledge Connects».
With a free creative man as a core, knowledge connects people of cultures and eras.
Knowledge connects and the connection brings knowledge, communication, mutual understanding.
It is the creative meeting of cultures and ideas, a meeting of people without discrimination or exclusion.

Harmony, Culture, Knowledge.
These concepts mobilized the synergy and the coordinated initiatives of the City staff, the island’s entities,
the volunteers and the worldwide Samian Community

Our strategic plan is to transform this emblematic island of Samos, into the focus of a permanent meeting of the living elements,
of which the biodiversity of modern european civilization consists and at the same time open to dialogue and approachment with other civilizations."

Michalis Angelopoulos

Mayor of Samos