Samos - European Capital of Culture Candidate City 2021

Samos of myths, land of Gods and Sages,
Samos of Maths, Astronomy, Architecture, Technology, Shipbuilding, Sculpture, Painting.

Samos, the island at the confines of Europe,

Samos, a History of more than 6.000 years.

Samos today is rising over her ancient past to claim her repositioning in the History of European civilization.

Samos today is building, like Samos of yester days upon knowledge, philosophy, culture!

Samos today is being flooded by waves of refugees.
They arrive by thousands from the shores across, crossing the 1300 meters of sea that separate two continents!
Her citizens have opened their doors and their hearts, they tend and care for them, because this is what civilization is about!
Being civilized towards your fellow man!

Samos today has been declared a monument of World Cultural Heritage!

Samos today wishes, has the will and claims to be the European Capital of Culture in 2021!


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